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In 2011 E-Green Korea constructed a steam pipe system in the Dangjin region of South Korea. This pipeline system provides a vital link in the supply of energy to local pharmacutial laboratories.  Fernwärme Technik GmbH supplied the engineering and special products (steel-in-steel tees, fixed point pipe sections). We provided Fernwärme with technical support in the supervision of the local Korean contractors. Our contribution focussed on the complex construction of the steel-in-steel pipe system.

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IN E Green KoreaClient: Fernwärme GmbH Technik
Region: Danjing, South Korea
Period: 2011

  • Steel-in-steel pipe system
  • Diameter: 24"
  • Product: Steam
  • 4 kilometers pipe system

Services by Rotterdam Engineering:

  • Construction supervision
  • Technical supervision