Rotterdam Engineering Industrie

In 2012 we entred into a framework agreement with N.V. Nederlandse Gasunie for engineering and design services for the Gasunie gas transmission grid. Gasunie started a major overhaul and maintenace program for the existing gas transmission grid. Our work consists of the design and engineering of existing and new pipesystems for the gas transmission grid. We provide engineering services for pipe systems and pressure regulation stations. The system design is done in compliance with the Ducth code NEN3650 suplemented by the Gasunie inhouse technical regulations. 

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IN Gasunie ingenieursdienstenClient: N.V. Nederlandse Gasunie
Region: Netherlands
Period: 2012 - present

  • Steel pipe systems
  • Diameters: 2″ - 48″
  • Product: Natural gas
  • Pressure: 40 bar - 80 bar (580 psi - 1160 psi)
  • Underground pipesystems and above ground piping

Services by Rotterdam Engineering:

  • Routing studies
  • Basic and detail design
  • appraisal of existing designs
  • Damage analysis
  • Processing of As-Built data