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To ensure the security of the supply of electricity in the South Holland islands Tennet installed new high voltage connections. These connection cross the 'Haringvliet' (shipping route) cable pipes installed by directional drilling. An artificial island was set up in the Haringvliet connecting the drilling operations from both shores.

We provided technical support and consultancy services. In addition we provided risk control for the project by assessing technical plans and calculations. During the execution of the offshore operations we provided technical supervision.

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ST Risk control HaringvlietClient: Episcope
Region: Middelharnis - Zuidland
Period: august - october 2014

  • 2x 150kV high voltage cables 3x 2.000 mm2 Al 
  • Lenght: 4,0 km
  • 2 crossings by directional drilling
  • Diameter: 18″

Services by Rotterdam Engineering:

  • Assessement of pull force calculations
  • Assessement of construction plans
  • Construction supervision
  • Technical support in meetings with contractors