Rotterdam Engineering stedelijk

From 2009 to 2014 Eneco has worked to connect AVR Rozenburg (energy supplier) to the district heating network of Rotterdam. The completion of this project provided the vital northern link in Rotterdam´s district heating network, contributing greatly to the sustaibnability goals of the municipality of Rotterdam. During the first phase of the project we provided the basic engineering covering 50% of the pipe system. During the second phase we provided detail engineering for the complex crossings (directional drilling and shield tunneling connections). In addition we provided management services for permitting, material requisitions and construction supervision.

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ST Leiding over noordClient: Eneco Warmtenetten B.V.
Region: South of Holland
Period: 2009 - 2014

  • 28″/36″ District heating
  • 16,6 kilometers
  • Steel-in-steel pipe system and VPS
  • 3x SIS directional drilling operations
  • 4x 48″ Shield tunneling operations

Services by Rotterdam Engineering:

  • Basic design
  • Detail engineering of crossings
  • Material requisitions for the SIS pipe system
  • permitting
  • Construction supervision