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Over the past years Nuon has invested heavily in the maintenance and expansion of their district heating systems. These investments provide great improvements in providing a reliable and sustainable energy infrastructure. Since 2011 we provide Nuon with specialised engineering services for their district heating activities. Our work varies from basic routing studies to complicated detail design and permitting. Over the past years we invested in a solid relationship with Nuon, the contactors and the various stakeholders involved. This relationship provides us the means of finding technical solutions accepted by all parties.

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ST Nuon Bestek Engineering2Client: N.V. Nuon Energy
Region: Rotterdam and Amsterdam
Period: 2011 - present

  • District heating
  • Steel PUR/PE
  • PE-X plastics
  • Diameters: up to 12″
  • 21,5 kilometers pipe systems
  • 800+ connections

Services by Rotterdam Engineering:

  • Routing studies
  • Basic engineering
  • Detail engineering
  • Technical support of the contractor

Video: construction of project Laan op Zuid

Video: construction of project Sportlaan