Rotterdam Engineering Industrie

The South Stream project aims to establish four 32" pipe line connections between Russia and Europe. The South Stream project will realise a substantial increase of capacity for the transport of natural gas from Russia to Europe. Intecsea provides the engineering support for the South Stream project. We were contracted by Intecsea as a part of the FEED team for the landfall and nearshore pipeline sections. In the next phase we will provide engineering services in the review of the detail design done by the contractor. In addition we provide technical consultancy services with regard to integrating the various engineering disciplines.

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IN SouthstreamClient: Intecsea
Region: Russia, Black Sea
Period: 2012 - present

  • Steel pipeline system
  • Diameter: 4x 32"
  • Product: Natural gas

Services by Rotterdam Engineering:

  • Basic engineering as part of the FEED team
  • Detail design review
  • Integrating other engineering disciplines
  • Design and review in compliance to ASME and ISO codes
  • Technical consulting services