Rotterdam Engineering Industrie

Stedin constructed a steam network in the Botlek area in the port of Rotterdam connecting AVR and EKC. The waste processor AVR creates energy in the form of the steam byproduct. This steam is transported to the EKC chemical plant. The connection was designed to allow multiple industrial clients to connect to the steam network which functions as a common carrier. By providing steam to industrial clients in the Botlek area a significant reduction in carbon dioxide emission and power demand is realised contributing to the sustainability goals of the municipality of Rotterdam. Stedin asked us to assist in the routing and basic design of the steam pipe system. In addition we provide support in transferring the basic design into the contracting phase of the project.

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IN Stoomleiding BotlekClient: Stedin
Region: Botlek area, Rotterdam
Period: 2011 - 2014

  • Steel pipe system
  • Diameter: 20" 
  • Product: Steam
  • 2 kilometers pipe sytem with a posible expansion of 4 kilometers

Services by Rotterdam Engineering:

  • Technical support
  • Pressure drop and heat loss calculations
  • Defining basis of design
  • Secifying engineering services requests
  • Feasibility bankable study
  • Technical assitance of contractor
  • FEED specification
  • Routing study
  • Artist impressions and visualisations of the project