Rotterdam Engineering Industrie

In 2011 Shtandart TT started the design of Tankterminal Europoort West (TEW) located in the port of Rotterdam. TEW will function as an open hub for all European consumers of crude oil. Using invovative technologies the terminal will present a minimal environmental footprint. In total TEW provide storage capacity for 3.2 million m3 of crude an diesel oil products. Using a flexible design Shtandart aims to provide services that can easily adapt to rapidly changing markets. We provided basic and detail design services for the 16" pipe connection to the neighbouring Dintelhaven and the 36" crossing (by directional drilling) crossing the Beerkanaal (shipping route).

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IN Shtandart Europoort WestClient: Shtandart TT
Region: Europoort, Rotterdam
Period: 2012 - ongoing

  • Steel pipeline
  • 36" crude oil
  • 16" Diesel
  • Directional drilling crossing the "Beerkanaal"
  • 6 kilometers of pipeline

Services by Rotterdam Engineering:

  • Routing study
  • Permitting
  • Stakeholder management
  • Basic design & detail design
  • Integrating design studies of various disciplines